FA Institute grand challenges 

Beyond boundaries: 

Solving the world's grand challenges, together.


The France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges facilitates best-in-class, international research, focusing on the grandest challenges: the search for life beyond Earth, the investigation into the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the advancement of the digital revolution with accessibility and fairness for all, the innovation of food, energy and water solutions in a warming world, and the anticipation and prevention of global crises in the environment and human health. 



  • Boost scientific cross-fertilization among some of the best research teams in the world. 
  • Promote the convergence of diverse expertise to foster the new interdisciplinary research required to tackle global Grand Challenges.
  • Connect and synergize the research capacities that are unique to each partner, and capitalize on these synergies to help scientists secure the funding they need by engaging both private and public sponsors.
  • Promote young and diverse scientists to help them rise to the forefront of global grand challenges research.
  • Provide the most promising students with unique, international training opportunities to offer them a life-changing global experience.
  • Become a model for international cooperation and sustainable global research between academic institutions sharing a common vision for better environmental futures.



  • Innovative/Curiosity/Creative: a catalyst for creative/innovative research approaches for grand challenges
  • Diversity: thought/assets/cultural perspectives; allows us to do riskier science
  • Equity and Inclusion: accessibility and fairness for all
  • Communication: dissemination, access, reach, science translation
  • Collaborative: connecting innovative thinkers -> building international networks for research (one-stop-shop)
  • Excellence: Boost scientific cross-fertilization among some of the best research teams in the world

"The France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges is perfectly in line with French societal objectives – such as climate change, educational inequalities, artificial intelligence, health and the environment, the territories of the future and transitional energy – to which the CNRS is committed," said CNRS CEO Petit. "We, along with the European Union and the University of Arizona, value science in society and open science, women in science and inclusiveness, and prioritize working together to face global challenges."

CNRS President Antoine Petit