How FA can help you

The France Arizona Institute supports all areas of collaboration between UArizona departments, units, and offices and French research groups affiliated with CNRS – with the primary goal to foster international research collaborations to tackle global grand challenges. To this end, we strive to help UArizona faculty identify potential French collaborators – individuals and laboratories, support proposal development, facilitate the implementation of research, and assist with the dissemination and broader impacts. The Institute works closely with RII’s Research Development unit for large-scale proposal support, connections with campus colleagues, and initial corporate connections.


The Institute's main mechanisms for supporting faculty collaborations are:


  • Individual mobility: Scientific visits to support or develop collaborations and student training opportunities abroad – courses, research internships
  • Scientific events: Group meetings and workshops to explore collaboration opportunities or advance active collaborations
  • Research: Providing seed funding, identifying external funding opportunities (U.S. and France/E.U), and advising proposal development.