Régis Ferrière

Deputy Director, France-Arizona Institute
Director, Interdisciplinary and Global Environmental Studies (iGLOBES)
Dr Regis Ferriere

Dr. Ferriere is a mathematical ecologist who studies a broad array of questions about life on Earth and off Earth. He is particularly interested in how ecological systems emerge and evolve, how they adapt to environmental challenges and how their adaptation reshapes the environment. He obtained his doctoral degree in mathematical ecology at Paris University and subsequently worked as a research associate at the University of Arizona and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria.

With collaborators in Austria and The Netherlands, Dr. Ferriere pioneered the field of eco-evolutionary mathematics, which he has been expanding ever since. As a professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, France, Dr. Ferriere was the founding director of the CNRS-ENS Ecotron IleDeFrance, a large research infrastructure to promote experiments on complex ecological systems under highly controlled environmental conditions. In 2012, Dr. Ferriere was appointed as an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona. With support from the Partner University Fund, he established a collaboration bridge through research and advanced training between UArizona and ENS, one of the elite schools of Paris Sciences & Lettres University (PSL). In 2017, he extended the cooperation program as he became director of the iGLOBES (Interdisciplinary and Global Environmental Studies) International Research Laboratory, a joint venture between UArizona, ENS, PSL University, and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

 iGLOBES has been instrumental in the creation, in 2021, of the France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges, intended to foster existing and new collaborations between the French scientific community and UArizona in all disciplines. A strong advocate for respect, diversity, and inclusion in the scientific endeavor, Dr. Ferriere strives to nurture and promote the best talents and ideas to advance the science that can help solve the global grand challenges of our time.

Email: regisf@arizona.edu